Set Apart

What does it mean to be set apart? It doesn’t mean set aside or ignored.  It means something is unique and stands out.  As children of God, each and every one of you are set apart – uniquely called by God to bring light and hope to this world.

If we are set apart by God for His glory and purposes, it stands to reason that our lives should look different than they used to look.  Our lives should reflect the character of Christ.

In other words, followers of Christ live out their faith in word and deed.  James chapter 2 says it well “Faith without works is dead.” In fact, the entire Bible is filled with examples of God’s call to His people to live holy, unique, set apart lives for His glory.

We are set apart.  This is a privilege and blessing.  It reminds us that each one of us is a unique and priceless treasure to the Lord.  It also reminds us that our desire should be to live in such a way that our lives reflect our faith in God.  It means that we are marked for a purpose – to spread the love and goodness of God to those all around us – to partner with the Holy Spirit in God’s work to build His kingdom and save lives.