The Red Letters

There is nothing magical about red ink on white paper.  In fact, sometimes red ink can cause big trouble for kids when the teacher writes all over their homework in red ink, or when your bank account is in the red. 

The New Testament, however, reserves red ink for only Jesus’ words. Most of His words are found in the Gospels and Revelation. Again, the red ink isn’t special, but the words those red letters form have breathed life into the world for 2,000 years and continues to this day.  How can the words of Jesus cause the world to change forever? How can those words still bring people to their knees in repentance and to their feet in worship?  Because Jesus Himself is the Living Word. 

When I read the red letters, the ground began to shake

Prison walls started falling

And I became a free man that day – Crowder

The Red Letters of the Bible are ablaze with the light of Jesus’ passion, love, and determination to willingly come to our world and give up His life so that all can know life in Him.

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