Most people like a good road trip, within reason.  However, too many road trips, back to back, can wear you out.  Road trips for sight-seeing, relaxing, or just having fun are one thing.  On the other hand, some road trips are not recreational…but necessary: business, family emergencies, or trips to help someone in need (Like hurricane relief efforts, etc.).

The Apostle Paul went on some long road trips…hundreds of miles, without the benefit of planes, trains or automobiles.  He hiked mostly, across rocky, mountainous, desert terrain: grueling for a man in his 50’s. Sometimes he caught rides on ships: not Mediterranean cruise liners, mind you. When Paul and his companions set out on road trips, they went with an extreme sense of urgency.  They went because God said, “Go!”  They went because of millions that needed to hear the message of Jesus Christ.  Paul was often threatened, beaten, and thrown into jail because of his message.  But he never shied away from the trip.  When God said, “Paul, time for a road trip!” Paul was ready and willing to go.

When Jesus said “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… (Matthew 28:19),” He wasn’t just talking to people like Paul, but to each of His followers, including us.  We support missionaries that take long and costly road trips…this is essential.  But, guess what?  God is saying to you, “Hey, it’s time for a road trip.”  That trip may not even take you out of town, or it might take you around the world.  Either way, when we go in His name, we will change the world.

Pastor Curtis